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Mix. Chill. Enjoy.

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We are Gel-Oh Shot connoisseurs. That's why we make real food ingredient, craft cocktail and gourmet dessert flavored Gel-Oh Shot mixes. Buy a bag, mix with booze, and chill in the fridge. Then sit back and watch them disappear!


Your next party standout...

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Buy 3 bags, save 3 bucks.

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We're craft cocktail people. That's why we've created Gel-Oh shot mix inspired by classic cocktails and some of our favorite luxe desserts. They may be Gel-Oh shots, but this isn't food coloring and high fructose corn syrup. Gel-Oh Dolly! mixes use ingredients like real fruit and raw cane sugar. You can stick to a simple presentation, or channel your inner #DIY goddess and make your very own spectacular Gel-Oh masterpiece.


Get fancy.

(+bourbon or rye)