Cranberry Sauce Makeover

Thanksgiving Cranberry Thumbnail.jpg
Winter Cosmo.jpg

Cranberry sauce. It's that traditional Thanksgiving menu item you either love or haven't tried in years. It's either mom's homemade, passed-down-for-generations recipe, or it's an exactly shaped replica of the can from which it plopped. As a fresh menu idea, we thought we'd give this little side dish a makeover, Gel-Oh style!

Dressing up Gel-Oh shots is almost as fun as eating them. For a festive Thanksgiving twist, we're serving our Winter Cosmo (+vodka) with a garnish of fresh cranberries and orange. You can use a little skewer or even a thin cinnamon stick. You can also garnish right on top so that the fruit is eaten with the shot. Use stemmed cups to class them up even more. These can be served as a fancy aperitif, a side dish to your dinner menu, or a bonus to dessert. Whenever you enjoy them, don't forget the spoons!

Cheers to you and Happy Thanksgiving from Gel-Oh Dolly! 

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